We took a short break during one of our nature walks.  Credit for the photo goes to the lovely Ame Jiminez.Hi! I’m Grace, and this is my personal blog. And photography blog.

My first photo was taken on a disposable Kodak. The developed picture was fuzzy and green. It was supposed to be broccoli. That day at age 8, I declared myself an artist. Thankfully, I’ve gotten a lot better since then. Me and photography: it’s an eternal love affair.

Along with photography, I’ll be posting about life! Like, my love for animals (PUPPIES!). And I sketch and paint a lot, so those pieces will make an appearance. And I love clothes. Posts of my outfits, latest clothing and accessories purchases, and things I want to buy? Yup, they’ll be here.

Stay tuned for the craziness 🙂

P.S. Website is still under construction (so sorry!). If you’d like to see more pictures, please send me a message, and I can send you a gallery of photos 🙂



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